Trent Walker

A Mad Glaive who Howls at the Moon


What the party knows

Trent Walker is an unkempt mercenary who looks like he’s been in a fight or two. He wears all black: a vest and trousers of armouring cloth which are the only remnants of his career as a bouncer. His insistence on only ever wearing a vest emphasises his muscular arms, one of which is tattooed with glowing and shifting patterns.

Despite his obvious strength, Trent can come across as nervous – he has several ticks, one of which is the constant checking of a chronometer which hangs from a chain at his hip. As well as this he occasionally seems to lose the ability to speak, staring wide-eyed into the middle distance and gently shaking.

The group also now knows that Trent transforms into “something” on several nights every month.

What Catelyn knows

Catelyn has witnessed Trent’s transformation once, in the bar where he used to work. He normally had himself locked in the cellar during “bad nights”, but on one occasion he wasn’t secured properly.

He tore through the busy bar and slaughtered several of the regular clientele. It was only Catelyn’s intervention that prevented further bloodshed, and she was somehow able to calm Trent’s beast form and bring him back.

What the players know

Trent’s transformations started in his teens when he was exposed to a powerful Numenera. He’s spent years trying to cure himself, which has lead him to travel a lot and never really settle down. His habit of exposing himself to experimental technologies in an attempt to find a cure have had a severe impact on his mental stability.

Although Trent wouldn’t admit it, he is mostly tagging along with the group because he’s scared that his transformations are becoming less reliable. Catelyn managed to calm him down once, he doesn’t want to stray too far from her.

Trent Walker

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