Catelyn Arlana

A Clever Jack who Murders


What the party knows

A seasoned mercenary with a keen intuition for hidden things.

What Quill knows

“Catelyn”, real name Carys Andrell, once lived in the City of Bridges, but was forced to leave when four of her identities became wanted by the City Guard. She’s not a mercenary by trade, but this line of work comes easy to her. Instead, she excels in infiltration and espionage, for which she fetches a high price.

What the players know

Catelyn has, while the party have been occupied, been making contact with an unknown benefactor, whose face is always covered. She has been entreated with stealing the numenera that the party have been sent to find. She is skilled at resisting mental effects, which she used to avoid being bound by Khil’s oath.

Catelyn Arlana

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